We Specialize To Serve You The Best

Here at Hands Hospitality, we specialise in bar and kitchen layout designing. This would be based on the type of food that you serve, basically, the menu of the restaurant. However, while getting you an attractive look, we would also like to give you the most well ventilated and the energy efficient kitchen that you can have. A restaurant with a good and professionally designed kitchen Leads to smooth restaurant operations without delay in dispensing orders. This also again helps to generate more revenue because faster the tables are vacated by guest more restaurant guest turnovers can be done. This is only possible when you serve guest food and beverage on time.

From Kitchens To Bars, We Design It All For You

We design live kitchens, main bars, or dispense bars for our clients. The space required for the same would depend on various factors, which includes the likes of the number of seats, the theme and much more. We would also keep it a point to check on the type of business, i.e, fine dine, casual dine, fast food cafe etc. that you are up to, while we are designing the same. While we would be looking after all this, we would also be looking forward to giving you all the facilities in the minimum amount of space required, which would help you cut on your rental charges.

Reasons We Should Work Together!

Here comes the major reason why you would be hiring us and not anyone else for this project. We have a perfect knowledge of the requirements that are needed to make your restaurant the best in the locality. We would be doing that keeping in mind to gift you with all the requirements in the most economic way possible. We love to keep things simple and pocket-friendly. Never would you come across and extra pieces of equipment that we would put in our requisites when we are sending you the requirements. This would help you cut the costings for setting up the restaurant.

All that we have stated above are both for the restaurant and the bar. We would love to get you prepared, while you would be busy garnishing the dishes! Although we love to offer you with all the services, but we value our customers and thus, even if you would need us only for the layout designs of the restaurants and the bars, we would be obliged and gratified to serve you!